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ManifestoofFragility_kennedy+swan_2022_ (16).jpg

Manifesto of Fragility (Morning Routine)

by  kennedy+swan
Single channel 4K video, 2022
16 x 9, 4K, 3 min loop

Text: GPT-3, Voice: Robynne Orr

kennedy+swan asked the artificial intelligence GPT-3 to write the 'Manifesto of Fragility' in eleven sentences. While we listen to these phrases, we observe the simulated character Circe through a semi-transparent mirror during her morning routine. This seemingly incidental scenario raises the question of what agenda self-aware artificial avatars will have in the near future. And will those systems ever have a right to privacy?

Commissioned by La Biennale de Lyon 2022

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ManifestoofFragility_kennedy+swan_2022_ (11).jpg
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