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use your red and blue glasses


by  kennedy+swan
Stereoscopic film, 2022
Three episodes, 16 x 9, 4K, 21 min

Do humans take themselves too seriously? After all, they consider themselves the most intelligent beings on earth. They claim to have the advantages of language, planning and self-reflection contrary to plants, animals or computer-generated beings.


The stereoscopic film Delphi Demons dismantles this supremacy in three episodes. How can we test „real“ intelligence? With AI already winning Jeopardy and Go games, are there questions we can ask to distinguish humans from robots? In Delphi Demons Max Frisch and the language AI GPT-3 have an emotional conversation, the character Circe begins to question her own existence when the popular image generation AI app Wombo distorts her reality in the form of an all-knowing oracle, and the double of a famous singer preaches why the human part of a brain-computer interface is the superfluous one. He himself is trapped in the uncanny valley and oscillates between human and digital deepfake.


As in previous films, VR and AR projects, kennedy+swan use a variety of animation techniques like animated drawings, stereoscopic film footage, 3D-scanned landscapes and self-built characters to spin a dense web of analogue and digital image fragments, whose narrative structure is co-developed by the artificial intelligence Open AI GPT-3.

Commissioned by La Biennale de Lyon 2022

Produced by A3 and Burger Collection

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