by  kennedy+swan

Stereoscopic episodic film, 2022
4 x 5-minute episodes
Techniques: CGI, real acting, AI-generated
content, stop-motion

While we see a dead-end in biological intelligence, we look trustfully to the artificial one. After all, it is this intelligence that could realize the dream of a basic income or save us from having to wipe our own parents‘ buttocks later on. AI is a label that gets abused too often these days, often without properly understanding what it means. It seems frightening because it is inscrutable and omnipresent. So most of us are feeling overwhelmed by the constant flood of sensational news from AI research. Indifferently, we see our own profession endangered, while blissfully longing for self-driving cars. The episodic film „Delphi Demons“ addresses this dilemma and, in four parts, examines the principle of intelligence for its humanity, artificiality and eternity by letting the AI itself have its say.

„Delphi Demons“ stands for a generation of artists who refuse to adopt a passive attitude and critically analyze future developments. To use Inke Arn‘s words: we want to make the black box of artificial intelligence visible and look under the engine hood together with the audience.