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Mixed Signals by kennedy+swan

An artist's book about animal communication that can be scanned with your smartphone.


  • Hardcover lay-flat book
  • With an app for  Android and iOS app store
  • 28 pages (20 augmented pages)
  • Language: English + German
  • Format: 150 x 210 mm
  • ISBN: 978-3-910479-01-2
  • Published by keylime press

    Our augmented reality work "Mixed Signals" consists of scannable watercolors that unfold a lively dimension on the mobile phone. The thick cardboard pages of the book are perfect for this. How can AI help us communicate with non-human beings? And are we even willing to engage with nature's messages? From a primate skillfully arranging lexigrams and a diligent dog delivering packages, to robotic bees infiltrating real hives, and the use of AI to identify biodiversity in forests, the series culminates with a meditating cow reaching enlightenment, challenging our Western views on animal cognition. As kennedy+swan, we have created a series of watercolors that can be scanned with a mobile app, combining the haptic with the digital. Each motif is complemented by an interactive virtual scene that extends the narrative of the paintings. The 3D elements were handmade in the form of miniatures, sculptures, and drawings, and then digitized to complete the augmented reality overlay. The handmade aesthetics and playful interaction possibilities are not only relevant for an interested art audience but also work for children from the age of 3.

Mixed Signals – augmented book

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